Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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"I stopped in this morning with a problem with shifting on my 25 HP Mercury pontoon. Stan from the service department "nailed" the solution! I needed a new cable. I had tested the old cable and thought it was fine. Stan's experience and expertise had observed this problem before and told me to try it. Sure enough, he was 100% correct. I am one happy customer so I called him and thanked him personally."

-Dick | Fenton, MI

Your salesman, Greg, is awesome; he was very helpful, friendly, and informative. We are looking forward to doing business with your company."

-Anonymous | Davidson, MI

Jim Adams and his team provided an outstanding experience during and after the purchase of a new 2012 233X Bryant."

-Anonymous | Howell, MI

You guys now have a customer for life i just had some work done on my Honda outboard and it runs like a top thank you very much the service was great it was done in a short time and i was treated very well by the guys in your service department now if i could just convince my wife i need a new boat haha thanks again."

-Neil | Canton, MI

These comments are a little late however, I am extremely pleased with the tune up you did to my 1993 Yamah 30 hp motor (Sept 2009). My wife and I can't remember when our motor has run this good. It starts fast, idles slow enough to troll and it has more zip at full speed. I have had it with the "shade tree" mechanic's that claim to be outboard motor specialists, ready to come to my house and fix my motor at the dock. Never again!!! We had some very interesting conversations with your staff regarding today's gasoline & the additives, marine stabil and yamalube. Thank You Very Much Don Brown"

-Don | Waterford, MI

"First I would like to state that I live an hour and a half from the dealership. I was looking for a used boat, and after several attempts to find one from a private person that was in good condition without success, I met Jim. After a little discussion, he suggested a boat which he had. Of course, I was buying the boat in January, so running it in the water was not an option. I informed Jim that i wanted to take it to Flordia in Feburary, and he assured me it would be in good shape to take. All the information which Jim told me about the boat, I had to take his word on. I would like to state that Jim not only was very honest about the condition of the boat and motor. I felt that he had gone up and above what other dealers would have done. It was very refreshing to find a person of their word and his dealership of this calibar. Upon arriving in Flordia, not only did the boat run outstanding, but I had taken my Grandmother, Mother, Sister, and brother on this vacation. Jim, I can't find the words to tell you how important your help in making this the BEST vacation for them meant to me. You our dealership will always get my business. Thanks again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Steven | Cement City, MI

I bought my boat 3 years ago from them and came back to buy my Mud motor. I did not really know what I wanted but after talking to Tricia and Jim, I knew what I wanted. I took 2 motors to them for trade in and they gave me the same price as I was going to sell them in the paper for. When the mud motor came in they prepped it and put it on my boat. Jim showed me how every thing worked on the unit and answered all my questions. With all the different mud motors out there I think they carry the best. Thanks again, Greg"

-Greg | Howell, MI

I purchased a new Bryant 206. The price and product knowledge was some of the best I have seen. I traveled 4 hours from Ohio to make this purchase and could not have been more satisfied. I would definitely refer my family and friends to Freeway Sports Center. "

-Steve | Dayton, OH

Absolute great job! Love the Gator Trax, love the Mud Buddy, loved the service before the sale and Jeff in service after the sale. There were a ton of accesories and extras and you didn't miss a single request!Thanks for helping us get our hunting and fishing ultimate yacht!"

-Jon and Jess | Allendale, MI

"Re-powered my boat with a new 40HP Yamaha. Installation of new motor was very professional, clean! Didn't use much last year to to alte in season install, but as weather changes have gotten out in it and really enjoy the performance of this new motor-4-stroke, really quiet, easy on gas. Great job, reccomend your guys every chance I get."

-Joe | Clarkson, MI